• Minimistish

    I have always had a problem keeping things, and really that is getting rid of things. I am finding that this inability to dispose of things alters the way I feel about my life. When we got engaged we started looking really hard at our finances. Before I begin, we didn’t have any major debt beyond one car loan. Most of our “financial issues” were related to not having a solid plan, and thus excess posessions and a little lifestyle inflation have prevailed.

  • Welcome 2016

    I have now been on vacation for two solid weeks, and it is approximately three hours till 2016. With Champaigne (cough Sparkling Wine) in hand, I write this post. We will continue with our tradition of TV Free January (Netflix, HULU, and Prime), where we vow to do better things with our time.

  • New Beginnings: Develop Design

    Since before I got my first computer, my family knew that I would choose a career in computing. It wasn’t until I decided on a degree in Computer Science that they realized how deep that would go. Since 2009, I have been designing/developing/testing software for my job. A few years ago I was talking with one of my mentors and pondering why it was that we didn’t have a center of experts within the group who focus on Human Computer Interaction or even bigger, User Experience Design. The opportunity to break through into the UX space has finally arrived for us, and I will soon be embarking on a journey from Developer to Designer.

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