Small Details UX

Sometimes small things about an experience can really make it that much better.

Sometimes the best user experiences aren’t that you went through and did a ton of research to re-architect the entire experience, but that you thought about what could be valuable and made something just a bit better.

A recent example I have in mind is the coffee shop I frequent. It is similar to most coffee shops in that they can make fancy drinks or just allow you to self-serve coffee.

When I self-serve coffee I prefer this place because they put the hot coffee sleeves on the cups for you!

1 small cup of coffee, please.

  1. Pay
  2. Fill
  3. Cream
  4. Stir
  5. Lid
  6. Done




By joshuarlowry

Designer, Data Vis Expert, Tinkerer

The opinions expressed are my own and not that of my company.

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