# Am I Supposed to Cook It? How One Word Has Me Questioning My Order.

It is interesting how sometimes the smallest things can trigger an emotion. Whether it is a word, a phrase, or even just learning something new (opens new window). It is important in your design copy to use words relevant for your audience.

Here I am ordering sushi from a local restaurant using a delivery service. Seems like a decent plan, but as I'm reading through the menu I start to realize that the sushi I typically order with a "raw" component says "uncooked".

[caption id="attachment_1219" align="aligncenter" width="339"]Uncooked The menu text with the word uncooked and Uncooked.[/caption]

I start to wonder, do they expect me to cook this somehow once it gets home?

The word raw, to me, means that there is an expectation that I am going to eat it without cooking it. Uncooked implies that cooking is a part of the process.


I can't wait to find out what is in this Red Dragon Roll, because I don't know what a "Spicy salmon avocado cucumber" is supposed to be. Do you think that is a plant or an animal? Does it swim in freshwater or saltwater? Is the red tobiko the only thing that is uncooked? This sushi specification could join the #trescomas (opens new window) copy club.