# Characters of Notes

I figured it is about time to reveal some of the characters of my notes. Over time I have been trying to draw, with a short amount of time, characters in my notes. Typically this is someone who has said something interesting in a meeting or the person delivering a presentation. Shout out if you see yourself. I also sometimes draw characters when I need to get my creative juices flowing, so some of these are characters that don't relate to anyone in particular.

[gallery ids="1487,1497,1500,1499,1498,1496,1495,1489,1490,1491,1492,1493,1494,1488,1486,1485,1484,1477,1478,1479,1480,1481,1482,1476,1475,1483" type="rectangular" link="file"]

For all of these sketches, I used either a ball-point pen or my Sharpie Pen.