The Plate Armor Knight – Completed

The Plate Armor Knight – Completed

This plate armor knight came in a learn to paint kit from Reaper. Total paint time was somewhere in the 6-8 hour range.

Here is a picture of the unpainted model from the Reaper website. This model is from their Bones series of miniatures which are ready for painting.

Reaper has a few photos of different color schemes, but I followed the instructions in the box, which dictated a silvery-metal armor and blue accents.


Here are a few up-close details using a macro-lens attachment for my phone.

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Learning: Angular Material + ChartJS Quickstart

I have been learning Angular Material. I also wanted to play with some charts, so I’m using ng2-charts which is back-ended by chart.js. Since I have been designing more at work I can feel some of my programming experience getting rusty. Also, since I sometimes design using Angular Material components, I find it handy to understand how they all work together.

My primary goals for this experiment were to put together an Angular Material webpage that displayed some data on a few charts. Both charts use a service to supply the data, which right now is faked out in the service. The first is a simple static calculation of compound interest. The second is a randomly updating series which changes every five seconds.


See the examples live. *Note, these may not stay, because I will surely overwrite them at some point.

Once I got these examples running locally I decided I would like to share them. I found a straightforward article about publishing to Google’s Firebase. Within fifteen minutes my examples were published. The other day, I did three releases.


UpLabs Craigslist Redesign Part 1: Analysis

UpLabs Craigslist Redesign Part 1: Analysis

I decided to participate in the Uplabs Craigslist challenge. In short, they are looking for Craigslist redesigns as if Craigslist were released today. I find this particular challenge interesting because I think the design is simple and straightforward like old-timey newspaper postings. Doing anything that gets in the way of the ease of operation is a failure case. Another challenge that Craigslist has is that none of the content is managed by Craigslist, leaving the content unedited by a professional. This post will be a 3-part series leading to the final result.

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